Hello you!


Hello, I'm Kyleigh - wife, mum, graphic designer, typefece geek, joker, potty mouth and lover of salt and vinegar Walkers (my mouth is watering just typing that). And wine.


I have always had a bit of a head for lyrics, a love of typography and a nerdy fixation for cutting intricate things with a scalpel. So when I made my first ever papercut for my husband in 2010 it was a fusion made in my personal heaven and Kyleigh’s Papercuts was born.


From my riverside studio/shop in beautiful Wimborne I design and handcut personalised sentimental gifts which are ideal for weddings, anniversaries, milestone birthdays and to celebrate your wonderful family unit. I also have a range of cards, bright and bold for any occasion, as well as more *ahem* sweary cards if you're that way inclined. If you don't like swears DO NOT click on the 'sweary cards' link, ok? you have been warned.


When I am not designing or cutting, I can be found walking the scruffy dog Archie by the river or teaching paper cutting workshops to wonderful groups of scalpel-wielding folk.


Don’t forget to follow me for pics of newly-finished papercuts, random musings and the odd pic of cake. CAKE!


Instagram: http://instagram.com/kyleighspapercuts
Facebook: http://facebook.com/kyleighspapercuts
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kyleigh

this is me.

this is my little studio.

casual leaning

rules to live by...

Given enough plasters, I could hand cut all day

oh cripes, now you know how OLD I am!

PaperCrafter Magazine

Tatler, GQ, Paper Runway... darling.

Archie the smelly little chuffer - spends most days in his bed under my desk in the studio.

my own hand cut family tree

Dorset Magazine

A colourful window display

Made in Paper magazine

Craft Seller Magazine