Evening Mini Workshop Diary - 27th February 2018

Workshop Diary 24th February 2018

I’ll set the scene:

The temperature is ZERO degrees when I walk home from work on Tuesday (27th Feb 2018 - if you’re reading this in the future, remember #snowmageddon ‘the beast from the east’? yeah? JUST a day before that) by the time I walk BACK to the studio for the evening workshop it has started snowing and the temperature has dropped to -4C.

I cranked up the heat in the workshop and got ready to welcome seven lovely ladies to an evening papercutting workshop.

Mini fudge caramel cupcakes? check!
Mini lemon meringue pies? check!
Ginger cookies? check!
Flapjack cookies? check!

I’m salivating typing this...

The ladies are all local ‘Merley Mums’ who meet regularly and when Emma approached me to put on an evening workshop just for her and her crew I was more than happy to accommodate.

TIP: if you have a bunch of you who want to do a workshop - contact me! I’m happy to help and can work to your budgets etc LET'S TALK! Anyway.. back the cutting...

papercut workshop all ready to go


TIP: if you have a bunch of you who want to do a workshop - email me! I’m happy to help and work to budgets etc

If you’ve read about my other February full day papercutting workshop, you’ll see that I usually have them work through x3 practise sheets getting gradually harder and harder until they have decent enough scalpel skills to embark on an intricate final papercut piece.

But with this being only 2 hours long, time was of the essence so we began with just one simple practise sheet - straight line, zig zag line, wobbly line and various shapes including a heart and a letter ‘b’. Truth be told I was a little worried about them being able to cut the main papercut templates after just one practise sheet - would they be ready?

Jenny working on practise sheet 3
papercut workshop practise sheets
scalpel practise at the papercut workshop

When they had all finished the practise sheet, they got to choose a simple papercut template from a selection of six I'd pinned to the wall. I had designed them with simplicity and time in mind - they had to choose from :

• Think happy, be happy
• I love you (in a filigree heart)
• Eat, sleep, craft, repeat (designed for Kirsties Handmade Fair in June!)
• You are my sunshine
• Home is wherever I’m with you
• Believe in your dreams

starting to cut the template

So they all set to work on their templates. The conversation, like the tea and coffee, flowed.
There was laughing and singing and joking and more laughing.
Many mini cakes were eaten.
And because they were so tiny - it meant you could have two, even three. BOOM!


papercutting workshop cakes

I sat with them at the table and started cutting ‘believe in your dreams’ which is what I designed for my shop door just before I opened in 2014. It's cut in vinyl (not paper), for longevity. Paper stuck to a condensation-prone front door doesn't mix!

paper cut workshop in full swing
cutting the think happy be happy papercut
Louise and Jenny cutting their templates
papercutting workshop table

Well we didn’t even feel the cold, in fact I had to turn a heater or two off we were THAT cosy.
I kept having to look outside on ‘snow watch’ but we were fine. The flurry had stopped and only a bitterly cold wind remained.

First to finish was.... DRUM ROLL PLEASE...

hand cut papercut family tree

Ok it was me. But then I have had *quite* a lot of papercutting practise...

But the first of the Merley Mums to finish was Phillipa!

phillipa cutting you are my sunshine from paper

Quickly followed by Emma

emma cutting think happy be happy papercut

Followed swiftly by Karen

Believe in your dreams papercut workshop

and then it was Kate's turn to finish

home is wherever I'm with you papercut

While the others were putting final cuts to their papercuts I framed Emma and Philippa’s handiwork.
Right there and then! Imagine being able to create something and frame it in one evening! Sooooo thrilled for them.

happy papercut workshop folk with their framed cuts
careful papercutting

Louise (above) had just had a baby a few weeks earlier. What is she, some sort of SUPERWOMAN?!

Anyway she was next to finish her 'Eat, sleep, craft, repeat' papercut...

eat, sleep, craft, repeat papercut workshop

So then I flexed my framing muscles some more and framed Kates handiwork

kate showing off her finished papercut

Then Charlotte finished!

papercutting workshop half way through

And then I framed Karend beautiful handiwork

(I love Emma's happy laughing face behind! something has tickled her!)

cakes at papercut workshop

And then framed Louise's papercut - she was the only one to choose a black frame. Looks good eh?

papercutting workshop cutting gin papercut

And then Charlotte's papercut - I'm sorry I managed to snap a pic with your eyes closed Charlotte!!!)

And then it was Jenny's turn to finish! YES! Well done Jenny!

you are my sunshine framed papercut

Jenny's happy smile says it all! Super chuffed to finish and have it framed on the night.

It was SUCH an amazing workshop and I felt very honoured they chose me for their get together.
I was so super proud of what they accomplished in such a small amount of time. In two hours they had mastered the scalpel enough to create some pretty amazing papercuts, which they were able to take home framed and ready to go on the wall. BOOM!

all the happy workshoppers and their papercuts

They all headed off into the arctic tundra of Wimborne, by this time it was -4C!

Off the went, wrapped up from the cold but very happy.

believe in your dreams papercut

My next evening workshop is March 20th - you can book here

If you fancied something more substantial to really get your teeth into, my full day workshops are wonderful. Like this one but longer! You can read about my February Workshop here.

I will be adding future evening workshops so remember to check my ‘workshops’ section for the latest dates and it could be You eating mini cakes and creating something to be proud of. Go on, you know you want to.


Kyleigh x