Let's Make: Pumpkin Bunting

In a FLASH of a brainwave I decided to design these little Halloween pumpkins and make it into bunting templates which act as a tester for me to try out Etsy's instant download as a 'thing'.

It is my mission to keep adding and adding lots of lovely templates for you lovely lot as if there's one thing I've learnt from hosting papercutting workshops for three years is this: you blimmin' love em!


So here's what you need:


• 6 Sheets of orange paper (between 90gsm and 110gsm is best if you're planning on using a scalpel)

• Some bakers twine (black and white would look amazingly Halloweeny) or fishing wire

• Scalpel or small scissors

• Double sided sticky tape or glue

DOWNLOAD the templates here

Put 6 sheets of  orange paper into your printer and print out the templates

You could always print onto white paper or thin card and ask the kids to decorate or paint them before cutting them out - although make sure you can still see the outline of where to cut.

There are 12 different pumpkin faces - print as many as you like! Go wild!

If you're using a scalpel, remember to always cut towards you

Once you've cut as few or as many pumpkins as you'd like, it is time to hang them.

Put a small strip of double sided tape on the pumkin stalk and fold the stalk in half over itself (so the tip of the stalk touches the top of the pumpkin) and then flatten out again.

Get your twine or fishing wire ready - make a loop and knot on one end and lay out the string onto a table.

Stick each pumpkin to the wire by looping the stalk over the wire and sticking back onto itself.

Thank you for stopping by! There will be MORE templates to follow I promise you!

I have neglected my blog in recent months and I plan on rectifying this, even if no one is reading them, I like to push myself to document things that go on in my little biznizzzz.

Until next time - have a great weekend

Kyleigh x