Bespoke Commission

Do you have an idea for a papercut? Tell me your words and dreams and we can work together to create a perfect and beautiful bespoke commission which makes THE most amazing personalised and thoughtful gift.

Need inspiration? check out my gallery page:

Standard sized designs are usually around 10 to 15 words and will be cut from A4 paper.
Large sized designs are for up to around 30 words and will be cut from A3 paper.

The price varies according to size, whether you are having it framed or not and how it will be cut - by machine or by me and my trusty scalpel. Choose from the dropdown options.

How to order:
1. Grab a pen and paper and make a note of the paper colour you'd like as these are added at a later stage during checkout
2. Choose a frame option and click 'BUY'
3. Continue browsing or click 'CHECKOUT' - you can then add your personalisation, embellishments and paper colour etc

Please note: Some commissions need discussion so please email me and we can start pinging ideas back and forth. also, if you have a date you absolutely need it by, please let me me know.