Add A New Name To Your Existing Family Tree

PLEASE NOTE: This is for people that already own a papercut family tree designed by Kyleigh's Papercuts (or Eticuts) in the last 65 years.

Things happen don't they? Planned and unplanned. A new bundle of joy comes along and your Papercut Family Tree no longer matches your family.

But do not despair! Help is at hand!

We can add the name of your new family member to the artwork of your original tree, and make it look as beautiful as before, it won't look like a quick 'add on', because there is no 'one-size-fits-all' template, we will add more branches and leaves until it looks perfect.

Now is the perfect opportunity to add your family pet to the base of the tree too. Have a look at the images of the pet sillhouettes and choose the corresponding name. Up to 3 pets per tree.

If your new addition takes you over the 6 name limit of the standard size tree, then why not 'big up' to a large family tree which is cut from A3 and can take up to 7 names.

Your spanking NEW tree will then be machine cut in the paper colour of your choosing (you're not restricted to choosing the same colour you had before). See the image for current colour choices. It is then hand-finished - each little leaf hole carefully picked out by hand.

You can choose to post your existing framed papercut back to us and we'll frame your new tree in the frame you supply (providing the frame was purchased from Kyleigh's Papercuts originally).

Or if you're up to it (and it is quite simple), we'll post the papercut back to you first class in a hard-backed envelope for you to frame it yourself.

We'll include full instructions on how to take your old frame apart (providing we framed yours originally), remove the old papercut tree, clean the glass and frame, and then expertly frame your new family tree.

Made from:
Designed and cut from a single sheet of paper and hand-finished to ensure you have an entirely unique gift.

Papercut is cut from a single sheet of 21 x 29.7cm (A4) or 29.7 x 42cm (A3) paper

Small frame: 27cm x 33cm

Large frame: 37 x 43cm