Large Family Tree Papercut

Call off the search for the BEST family present! You’ve found it!

A gorgeous new spin on the ever-popular family tree is this beast of a tree with space for lots and lots of names. I designed it for my Aunty for a milestone birthday present and thought I’d add it to my designs. You can see my Aunty Pat and my Mum in one of the photos. Cute huh?

It is designed and cut from one sheet of A3 paper so it’ll be slightly smaller than 420mm (wide) by 297mm (high)

You can have it unframed to keep the costs down (posted flat on stiff board to keep it flat) or I can frame it for you if you’d prefer. I have a choice of three frames - a bevelled white or black floating frame or a gorgeous reclaimed wooden floating frame. As the name suggests, the papercut is ‘floating’ in between two sheets of glass which really shows off the papercut and of course, any colour decor will show through behind.

TOP TIP: if you have a coloured feature wall, then a white tree in a white frame can look AMAZING with the colour showing behind!

On the trunk of the tree is a banner which will be the space for the matriarch, the leaders, the head of the family. The next level up there is space for their children… and the next level up from that are spaces for their children.

I know each family is different so I work with you to create the most perfect representation of YOUR family. I can send you a JPG of the design prior to cutting so I can be sure you’re 100% happy, just ask on ordering.

This is a new product for March 2018 so apologies if there’s not many pics - allow me to create an amazing WOW gift your family will love!

Unframed size: Cut from A3 landscape so it will be a fraction smaller than 420mm x 297mm
White or Black frame size: 433mm x 333mm
Reclaimed Wood frame size: 424mm x 364mm

Pick your options from the dropdown menu above and hit 'add to basket'. At checkout you can list the names for the banner, moving up to the youngest kids at the top. Give me as much info as you think I'll need to create your family tree. Contact me separately if need be. Happy to help.