Floating Frame For Papercuts

A choice of black, white, or reclaimed wood frame. The frames are especially hand-crafted in Dorset by our master framers and are chunky enough to be freestanding, or can also be hung using the saw tooth hanger on the back. They can be used either landscape or portrait, depending on the style of papercut you wish to frame.

Please note: As the name suggests, our reclaimed wood frames are made from repurposed old wood and as such the end result can vary in colour with some darker or lighter than shown in the pictures. Also please be aware of slight imperfections and knots in the wood which add to the character and hints at the history of the wood (which might have come from an old barn, warehouse or factory).

Each frame will include 2 x panes of glass and framing instructions, and will be fitted with saw tooth hangers, turn keys and screws to hold the glass in.


Small Black/White or Reclaimed Wood frame (suitable for framing one of our A4 papercuts): 270mm x 330mm

Square Black/White frame (suitable for framing one of our 'Positive Vibes' papercuts): 282 x 282mm

Large Black/White or Reclaimed wood frame (suitable for framing one of our A3 papercuts): 370mm x 430mm