Wedding Engagement Script Names Papercut


OHMYGOD! They’re getting married?! After you’ve stopped squealing it’s time to think about an engagement gift and this scripty names papercut is a perfect engagement gift.

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It is beautifully designed in a gorgeous script around the two names of your choice plus the engagement date and hearts. There is space to add a small embellishment to further personalise it if you fancy it – an engagement ring, a couple of cats, a sailing boat? Or Keep it simple with the script and hearts.

Available unframed or framed in black, white or reclaimed wood. These floating frames are exclusively produced for us locally in Dorset by our local master framers. Your personalised artwork is held between two sheets of glass giving a see-through effect so your wall colour is visible. The frames are strong enough to free-stand perfectly or can be hung neatly on the wall using the hanger at the back.

Please note: Our reclaimed wood frames are made from repurposed old wood and fluctuate in darkness and have unique grains and knots and other slight imperfections which add character.

Unframed: cut from a single sheet of A4 (210mm x 297mm)
Frame: 270mm x 330mm

Depending on the length of the names, your papercut will be designed either landscape or portrait in orientation, if you would like to see a JPG prior to cutting let us know on ordering.

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