joyful papercutting workshops and templates - est. 2010

Commission Kyleigh to create a unique finished papercut

Totally original papercut creations to commemorate, celebrate and cherish. Order book is now open for wedding, anniversary and special commissions for your loved ones. Designed, cut and framed to your specification. 

Original custom papercuts

Designed & cut to order

I’ve been designing and creating beautiful bespoke papercut commissions since 2010 to help commemorate weddings, milestone anniversaries and birthdays, new babies, retirements, graduations and even wedding proposals.
As I’m concentrating on writing and designing my papercut template book over on Patreon, I’ve temporarily changed the way finished papercuts are ordered. Rather than having a shop front where you ‘add to basket’ I now run an order book for commissions, and I’m totally happy to discuss ideas and thoughts before bringing to life the most perfect papercut you’ll be thrilled to give to a loved one.

UPADATE: I have a few slots for personalised commissions every month. Please get in touch for more info

Memories, moments & more

How much are they?

It depend son what you are after, how you’d like it cut and how much design is involved.

Example: Framed Family Tree up to 6 names
£114 machine cut  / £168 cut by hand

Example: Framed A3 Family Tree up to 27 names
£143 machine cut  / £263 cut by hand

Completely bespoke designs (wedding venues etc) prices start at £85 unframed / cut by machine

Postage via overnight courier is £6


Original gifts & keepsakes

Family Tree papercuts

My signature design and still as popular as ever - from 2 names and a date to 6 names and pets, to a whopping 29 names

Wedding venues & home portraits

From wedding venues with names and a date or house portraits with a sentimental quote to commemorate a new (or well loved) home

Words, lyrics, poems and phrases

If you have a favourite phrase, song lyrics, wedding vows, poem or quote then why not have it immortalised in a bespoke papercut?

Your own idea realised in paper

A recreated family crest, a ship sailing the high seas, a meditating yogi with chakras I'm here to help your vision for a design come to fruition


It starts with getting in touch...

Like all good things – it starts with wonderful communication. So  whether you want your custom papercut artwork kept within a certain budget, framed or unframed, handcut with love or cut on a machine then let’s talk. Let me know your budget for the gift, the celebration and any ideas you might have.

Likewise you might not have a clue where to start – then allow me to guide you. I have created thousands of commissions over the last 11 years with customers coming back time and again so if you’re willing, then allow me to help.

What’s the difference between machine cut and hand cut?
When I began my business, every single order was meticulously cut by hand. I was a busy fool! I quickly realised that not everyone really cared about HOW it was cut, they just liked the design.

I got a vinyl cutter and began to offer machine cut for a lower price. Leaving the hand cut pieces to those who really appreciate the value of craftsmanship. The best of both worlds to suit all budgets!

For a more comprehensive quote please do get in touch.

About the artist

Meet Kyleigh

Award winning papercut artist Kyleigh Orlebar has been creating paperut artwork since 2010. Prior to that she was a professional graphic designer for over 20 years.

Her love of typography, graphic design and colour make her playful designs the discerning choice for lovers of clean typographic and graphical papercut designs.

She teaches papercutting workshops from her riverside shop and studio in Wimborne, Dorset and is pretty bloody smiley as you can see…


Customers reviews


Hi, just wanted to say a big thank you for our beautiful picture. We all love it, had some money when great mama died so wanted to buy something special. The papercut seemed a brilliant idea and we were not disappointed. Has pride of place in the front room. Thanks
Just to say thank you so much for the framed papercut- it is fantastic! It is part of the song that we danced to on our wedding night all those years ago- thank you so much - you have a wonderful talent and we will be ordering many more papercuts in the future - it's a wonderful idea.
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