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Gingerbread Bunting PDF download


My gingerbread bunting is not only a super fun papercraft to make for Christmas but it also looks amazing hanging up at home. You get x4 PDFs to print out at home as many times as you’d like, all you will need is some paper, some string and an hour of your precious time. It is a craft that everyone can get involved in from young and old alike. It can be enjoyed with the kids using scissors or keep it for yourself to enjoy with a scalpel and glass of something mulled.

Full step-by-step instructions are included (I’ve also written a step by step on my blog) so you’ll know exactly how to make your gingerbread bunting, and because they come with sheets of different accessories, you can make each one different. Oh and there’s a nod to 2020 with face masks included on the white paper template. These gingerbread bunting men need to keep safe!

Full details of what you get are below, or click ‘add to basket’ and you’ll be cutting these bad boys in no time!

Gingerbread bunting – what you get

  • 1x full colour PDF with step by step photographs and instructions
  • 1x mono* pdf to print onto brown paper
  • 1x mono pdf to print onto white paper
  • 1x mono pdf to print onto red paper

*mono = 1 colour, in this case black. Perfect if all you have access to is a black and white printer

What do I need for my gingerbread bunting?

  • Red paper
  • White paper
  • Brown paper
  • Access to a printer (black and white is fine)
  • Scalpel or scissors
  • Cutting mat
  • String or bakers twine
  • Glue stick, sellotape or double sided sticky tape

How much paper do I need?

For the gingerbread men, you would need 4 sheets of brown paper to make 8 gingerbread which equates to about 1.5m of gingerbread bunting depending on how spaced out you arrange them (man). You’ll need 2 sheets of white – 1 for the accessories and 1 sheet of white for the instructions if you wanted to print them out. 1 sheet of red paper is enough for the red accessories, with each sheet having accessories for 6/8 gingerbread.

What if I don’t have brown or red paper?

Hey, not a problem, print them all out onto white paper and colour them in. You could tea stain the gingerbread templates, or dab brown paint over with a sponge. You can paint the templates before or after you cut them out – and the beauty of this is, if you go wrong – you’ve got the template so just print another! The red accessories would look equally good if printed on green. Or why not do a mixture of green and red if you have the paper.

Where can I buy the paper?

For the brown paper I recommend buying kraft paper as it is a bit speckled and lends itself well to becoming gingerbread. You can buy A4 Kraft Paper Sheets here (affiliate link) or why not try HobbyCraft or The Range. You can buy red paper here (affiliate link).

Gimme gimme – how do I buy?

Click ‘add to basket’ above, then go through checkout. You’ll then be immediately emailed a link to download your lovely gingerbread bunting templates and step-by-step instructions. So get the kettle on, fire up the printer and lets get cutting!

Ohhh PLEASE can you tag me if you share on instagram? @kyleighspapercuts I always adore seeing your creations, and want to give you a virtual applause!

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