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Full Day Papercut Workshop Saturday 5th October 10.30-4.30


Spend a wonderfully mindful and relaxing day at a papercut workshop at Walford Mill, Wimborne. You’ll lean the different types of scalpel used and how to insert a new blade. You’ll learn the best paper and weight of paper to use and the differences between a positive and negative template. You’ll be spoilt for choice with over 40 gorgeous designs to choose to cut on the day. You might even find time to finish a second one, depending on the complexity of the one you choose. Lunch is included from Little Pickle Cafe on site and there’s even delicious cake in the afternoon. A real treat of a day – workshop vouchers are available to treat someone to a creative spa day for the soul – you won’t want to leave!


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What will you cut at your papercut workshop?

During your papercut workshop you choose from  over 40 gorgeous paper cut templates to choose from ranging in complexity. Some people end up cutting two or even three of the more simpler design during the day, or they’ll finish one of the more intricate designs in the time allocated. Alternatively why not cut your own personalised family tree or wedding/anniversary tree ? Family trees are wonderful to cut, with space for up to six names or two names and wedding date. I’ll create your personalised tree template and once you’re happy with the design, it’ll be printed out on G.F.Smith paper ready for you to cut on the workshop day.

View and add a personalised templates here  then pop back here to add your workshop space to your basket

What happens next?

When you book a papercut workshop you’ll receive an automated email. Then once I’ve processed your space and added you , I’ll email you a few days later I’ll with your lunch options and directions to Walford Mill as well as info about car parks etc. If you ordered a family tree to cut on the day I design it before the workshop and I’ll email you a JPG of the design to make sure you’re happy. If you don’t add a tree design then you will be spoilt for choice by the templates on offer – you don’t need to plan anything to cut or draw anything. Your creativity will shine through whatever you decide to cut.

What to expect at your papercut workshop

Workshops are held in the lovely bright and colourful education room at Walford Mill Crafts in the heart of Wimborne, Dorset. There is a car park which takes cash or card and a cafe on site for you to grab refreshments before or after the workshop. Our papercut workshop starts at 10.30am with a friendly welcome over a tea or coffee. You’ll then be introduced to the scalpels we use and we’ll embark on cutting the first of three practice sheets (which get progressively challenging!). At lunchtime you’ll be asked to down your scalpels and enjoy your lovely lunch supplied by Little Pickle at The Mill cafe.

After lunch if you haven’t already, you’ll be choosing and cutting one of the many papercut templates available with guidance every step of the way by me. After that we’ll spend the rest of the afternoon happily cutting a template of your choice, stopping only for afternoon tea and a cake (again from Little Pickle Cafe). After cake it’s back to cutting your wonderful template – happily whiling away the afternoon immersed in the relaxing art of papercutting. I promise you, you won’t want to stop.

If you finish cutting your template choice during our workshop, depending how much time is left, you’ll be invited to choose another. Depending on the size of your chosen there are some 8×10 floating glass frames available to buy. If there’s tine then I can frame your creation there and then for £20 or you can leave it with me to frame which you can collect a few days later.

At 4.30pm our wonderful day will draw to a satisfying close and you’ll go home with a whole new obsession. You’ll get a handy folder to take home which includes cheat sheets of what you learned during the workshop you’ll also get to choose three further templates to take home with you to keep up your new skills. If you need the tools, I have scalpel kits, cutting mats, swivel scalpels, replacement blades and my new book ‘Papercutting Tips and Techniques‘ for sale.

Lunch choices

Lunch choice of sanwhich fillings: ham, tomato and mayo  / cheese, chutney and leaves / egg mayo and salad / falafel salad and hummus. You also get crisps or olives, and of course lovely cake later in the day. I’ll email you the lunch choices after booking so simply reply to that email when you get it.

Can I come on my own?

For sure! I endeavour to keep the conversation flowing and I’ll be sure to make you feel like you’re with friends if you arrive on your own and don’t know anyone else. As the saying goes, we arrive as strangers and leave as friends. If you’re anxious, let me know by email and I’ll make sure to seat you next to me or someone else booking on their own. You’re with friends here 🙂

Can I buy the tools from you?

If you have fallen for the relaxing charms of papercutting, you’ll find everything you need in my studio within Walford Mill to keep your new obsession going. Find me by the first entrance on the ground floor. You’ll find scalpel sets, Fiskars swivel scalpels, A4 cutting mats as well as a selection of templates, ‘Workshop-in-a-box’ kits and my new book ‘Papercutting Tips and Techniques”.

How many people will be at the papercut workshop?

The education space at Walford Mill can comfortably seat 10 so there will only ever be a maximum of 9 people plus me.

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