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As I sit here on my 7th day of isolation, with all the pressures and worries we all have at this CRAZY ASS TIME, I thought I’d revisit my blog and teach YOU, dear reader, with the basics of papercutting. You with me gang?

Think of this as a mind download, a pensieve if you will, were I just PLOP a lot of ideas and musings I hope some of you will find useful.



I use two different types. A swivel scalpel for tiny details and curves, and a fixed blade scalpel for straight lines. I’ve found some one on Amazon (I’m hoping they’re still delivering, worth giving it a go) affiliate links below:

A Fiskars Fingertip Swivel Knife

A Swann-Moreton Scalpel and blades



It is important to cut into a self healing cutting mat. They can be cut onto time and time again without getting all sliced up. they ‘self heal’. I wish we all would eh?

A4 cutting mat

A3 cutting mat


nb. You don’t need both – but A3 is handy if you’re cutting big things. A4 is perfect for most of the templates available on my website or Etsy.



One of the main questions I get asked a lot if what paper to use for papercutting.

Paper is referred to by weight – ‘gsm’ or grams per square meter. It refers to the weight, so the higher the gsm, the thicker the paper.

The standard cheapy white printer paper we all have at home is generally 80 to 90gsm and is quite thin. This is FINE to use if you can’t get out of the house, fine for papercutting. But in an ideal world I would go a bit heavier.

  • 90gsm – standard every day printer paper, for black and white printing
  • 100gsm – standard every day colour printing. Ths is good for papercutting
  • 120gsm – Mmm now you’re talking. Get a satin for a smooth feel. Mmm. Smooth.
  • 135gsm – this is the thickest paper I use for papercutting. It might hurt after a while.
  • 150gsm – step AWAY. Too thick. It’ll really hurt your little fingies! seriously. Put it DOWN.


For white paper, I usually use Pro Design 100gsm, but I’ve found this on Amazon tonight

HP A4 100gsm Premium Choice Paper


Other than that, my absolute FAVE is beautiful G.F Smith paper oooof! gorgeous!

[EDIT] I’ve found this lovely ‘fill a box’ paper –

lots of lovely colours – just make sure to only pick paper that is between about 100-120gsm for maximum cutting pleasure!



You’ll notice I’ve started adding my designs as cut-at-home templates. I’m adding my back catologue of designs, I started yesterday so bear with! There’s two different types:

Ready-to-cut templates

My Ready To Cut templates are designed based on words, typography or lyrics and have no personalisation. They’re as you would expect ‘ready to cut’!

Personalised Templates

Personalised templates are designed especially for YOU, you lucky thing you. So you’ll find my family trees, anniversary/wedding trees as well as letters and names. If theres a design you’ve seen of mine you’d just ruddy well LOVE to cut get in touch – I’m isolating for 12 weeks! gotta keep me busy folks, eh?

There’s also a variety of designs over on my Etsy shop. There’s some on here that Etsy doesn’t yet have and vica versa. Bear with while I amalgamate the collections. (is amalgamate even the right word? I’m suddenly thinking this has something to do with metal fillings dentists do?)


Ok any questions?


How do I download templates from your website?

Here’s where this platform I use for my website isn’t being my friend. I can’t find a way to have them automatically download a PDF on ordering, so I’ll be personally emailing you your PDFs (1x practise sheet and 1x template) once you place your order. Bear with me as sometimes I’ll be in the shower, homeschooling the nipper, walking the dog and heating my spaghetti hoops, you know?


So what about Etsy? How do they work?

Etsy is a bit more FANCY than my website and when you place an order over there you automatically get an email to download your PDFs. Again, it’s a practise sheet and the template you ordered.


Why is there ony A, B and C letters available on Etsy, can I order a different letter?

Because I’ve not had the chance to add the rest yet. I will, I will. And yes you CAN order a different letter. Send me a message or convo via Etsy and I’ll sort you RIGHT out, yeah?


I really hope this helps you get started, happy cutting!

Kyleigh x


Hello, I'm Kyleigh
Hello, I’m Kyleigh – graphic designer, typography geek and potty-mouthed papercutting ninja in rainbow trainers.

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