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Window rainbow free template to cut or colour

Window rainbow free template to cut or colour
Saturday 11th April 2020 – isolation day 25

I was keen to make a rainbow for the front window like everyone else is at the moment.

I mean – I FRIKKIN LOVE A RAINBOW (have you noticed my new logo by the way?)

So I put my mouse to bezier curve and created a papercut rainbow using some nice words I plucked out of my noggin. Like most of you, here at home I only have access to an A4 printer, so I designed it to fit over a number of A4 sheets of paper.

Instead of making it just for MY own window, I thought I’d offer it to you all for so you can create something beautiful for your window and brighten up someone’s day. Just imagine the next “clap for the NHS” thursday… your neighbours positively GREEN with envy! Not only that, imagine the smiles you’ll generate from everyone that walks past.

There’s three options I’ve come up with, listen up kids:

I REALLY hope you enjoy cutting these and showing off your new window. I can’t wait to see them! Please follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook and tag me for a virtual round of applause from me, and let me know if you’re happy for me to share.

Stay safe,

Kyleigh xx

Hello, I'm Kyleigh
Hello, I’m Kyleigh – graphic designer, typography geek and potty-mouthed papercutting ninja in rainbow trainers.

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