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How to remove a Swann-Moreton scalpel blade

Remove a swann-moreton scalpel blade

Is your scalpel a bit blunt and tearing the paper. Or perhaps you’ve dropped it and it’s lost the tip. How the devil are you going to get the old blade out without cutting your fingers to ribbons? Never fear! I’ll show you a fail-safe and easy way to remove a Swann-Moreton scalpel blade. In this example I am removing a 10a scalpel blade from a No.3 handle. This will also work with other Swann-Moreton handles and blades.

Some people use pliers and some use these nifty little boxes but they’re not really necessary – you can safely remove a used blade with just your hands and a cutting mat if you follow my guide.

Ok, shall we remove that old blade? You’ll need:  A Swann-Moreton scalpel (with old blade) and a cutting mat.

Remove a swann-moreton scalpel blade

Finger on the tip

With the logo on the handle facing up, place your blade on the cutting mat and place a finger on the side of the tip

Remove a swann-moreton scalpel blade

Tilt and press

While pressing down on the blade tip, slowly tilt the handle up. Keep pressing and tilting which should result in the blade snapping in half.

Remove a swann-moreton scalpel blade

Careful now

Be careful with the little bit of blade left in the handle, there's a tiny sharp bit left on there which can still cut you.

Remove a swann-moreton scalpel blade

Out it pops

Use a thumbnail and prize the remaining blade out of the handle. Please do handle with care, obvs.

Remove a swann-moreton scalpel blade

Dispose safely

CAREFULLY pick up the two bits of scalpel and dispose of them safely. I use a couple of tiny plastic boxes with lids: one for old blades and one to store the new blades.

So there we have it! That was easy eh? I hope this made sense and I sincerely hope you still have all your fingers. The next step is how to insert a new Swann-Moreton scalpel blade. Hey kiddo, I GOT YOU! Check out my handy guide and you’ll be crafting with your shiny new blade in now time.

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