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Typography Alphabet Papercut Template PDF


Spend a few enjoyable hours papercutting this beautifully haphazard papercut alphabet. Great for a child bedroom, it looks wonderful in a floating frame cut from white paper and against a strong colour background.

When you click to order, you’ll get two A4 PDFs – one is a practise sheet to get going, one is the design which has been flipped (mirror image) so you don’t have to worry about the grey edges showing on your finished papercut.

What you need:
A printer to print the templates
A scalpel – I use two, a swivel scalpel and a fixed blade, but it is trial and error (I’ve written about getting started papercutting here)
An A4 cutting mat (or A3, that will still work!)
An hour or so of peace and quiet.

I recommend printing onto 100gsm – 120gsm paper, anything heavier and it’ll start to hurt your fingers when cutting.
You can also print onto coloured paper – but it won’t show up on dark colours, I’ve designed it to be printed onto pale colours.

I’d love to see your finished papercuts – join me on Instagram @kyleighspapercuts
Happy cutting!

Please note this design is for personal use only – please do not sell the PDF or any papercuts from this design or any other Kyleigh’s Papercuts designs.

Size: A4 PDF

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