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You’re My Lobster Papercut Template PDF


According to Phoebe in F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Lobsters mate for life.
My ‘You’re my lobster’ papercut template is super fun to cut – you’ll need to be able to print the PDFs onto white and red paper. There’s a practise sheet included too, to flex those scalpel muscles!

what you need:
A Printer
White paper (2 sheets)
Red paper (1 sheet)
A cutting Mat
your favourite scalpel (read about my favourite scalpels here)
A few hours of quality time to ENJOY!

How you frame it when you’ve finished is up to you – there’s plenty of lovely floating frames around at the moment (hello Matalan!)

Papercutting has a really lovely with a peaceful almost meditative quality – that’s what the attendees of my in-person workshops tell me, and I have to agree! It’s always good for the soul when you make something with your own two hands, and as you cut this design, you’ll be feeling calm and collected.

I’d love to see your finished papercuts – join me on Instagram and tag @kyleighspapercuts
Happy cutting!

Please note this design is for personal use only – please do not sell the PDF or any papercuts from this design or any other Kyleigh’s Papercuts designs.

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