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window rainbow

It’s 12th Jan 2021, if you’re in the UK we’re just into week 2 of our 3rd national lockdown. Only this time it isn’t wall to wall sunshine. It’s actually bleak, dark and cold. And dare I say it, a little more daunting.

My first window rainbow April 2020

I sincerely hope this finds you well and coping ok – whether that is coping with home schooling, juggling your work while caring for others or coping with feelings of anxiety and loneliness.

I see you. Here I am giving you a virtual hug, ooh you smell nice.

Remember my last lockdown window rainbow? I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to see all your creations proudly displayed in windows up and down the country being shared on Instagram (I’ve made a story highlight of them all here).

I even spotted one on the national news while someone was being interviewed outside their home. And as I ventured out on the rare times I dared to go for a drive (I’m on the shielding list so housebound during lockdown, save the odd dog walk locally), I squealed like a child when ever I spotted one of them in local windows. Some even glued them to their car bonnets! You guys!

Well anyway, I figured that NEW LOCKDOWN 2021 calls for a NEW WINDOW RAINBOW 2021! Different words, same sentiment. The intention is to make someone smile and show passers by they’re not alone. It will help raise spirits, as well as raise money for nationwide foodbank charity The Trussell Trust.

What what? for charity?

Yes that’s right! I’m proud to say I’ve partnered with The Trussell Trust food bank charity and 50% of EVERY sale of these templates goes directly to the charity. That’s £2 of each one. The other half comes to me to help keep my little business afloat during these UNPRECEDENTED (oh my god I can’t believe I used that sodding word) TIMES. Helps me pay rent on a shop I can’t go to let alone open.

Super easy to make

I’ve made it super easy for you. Despite it having a finished size of 57 x 57cm, you don’t need a big A3 printer. You only need access to an A4 printer, and either colour or black and white will do. You don’t need a scalpel either – scissors will do. You don’t need to print it onto coloured paper, white paper will do. You don’t need to colour or paint it – I’ve coloured it for you too if you need it! Oooof I hope I’ve thought of everything!

What’s included:

  • A4 PDF of instructions
  • 10 page A4 PDF mono template to print on coloured paper and cut out with scalpel
  • 10 page A4 PDF mono template to print on white paper to paint/colour and cut with scissors
  • 10 page A4 PDF full colour template to print onto white and cut with scissors
  • Bonus – A4 PDF small full colour rainbow to cut around

What do I need?

  • Access to a printer
  • Scalpel or scissors
  • A4 (or larger) cutting mat
  • A4 sheets of rainbow coloured paper (2x of red, orange, yellow, green, 1x of blue and purple)
  • OR 10 sheets of white paper

Lockdown project for you

You can make this project just for you – discover the therapeutic nature of crafting to sooth your soul by taking your time cutting out each letter with your scalpel. Pop on a podcast or your favourite music and enjoy. If the kids ask to ‘help’ tell them they should be in maths, quick.. the teach is waiting in Google Classrooms! go!

Ok, ok let the kids help

There’s a version where you don’t need to cut the letters out – they print out in black and you colour or paint the rainbow in yourself. You could fill the space with doodles in the appropriate colour? Crack out the acrylics and do a solid colour wash. Or let them scribble the HECK out of it with their felt tips. Yeah that one can go in THEIR window eh?

Get the kettle on, I’ll meet you on the cutting mat in 5, yeah?

You can download it here. I cant wait to see what you create!

And like my new rainbow says: We’ve done it before and we can do it again. Just remember that one day this will be over and we will be together again with renewed appreciation. Keep smiling, stay safe.

Big love

Kyleigh xx


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window rainbow

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