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I am not throwing away my shot Hamilton papercut template PDF


Oh Hamilton! you came into my life at JUST the right moment last year. And since then I can’t get the bloody songs out of my noggin’. So much so that I’ve designed this Hamilton fan art papercut based on words from My Shot. I was totally inspired by the idea of the word SHOT being shattered by a bullet passing through, while Alexander is stood on top of the T, doing that pointy stance he does at the end of the song.

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Hamilton Fan Art PDF – what is included:

  • A4 PDF practise sheet
  • A4 PDF Hamilton Template FLIPPED PDF

What do I need to for my Hamilton template?

  • Access to a printer
  • Scalpel
  • A4 (or larger) cutting mat
  • A4 sheets of white paper

What tools do I need? What paper is best to use?

You can read about the tools to use here and here – and I’ve written about how to choose the right weight of paper here.

How can I show it off?

The finished size is 167mm x 190mm so should fit in a standard 8×10 frame. Would look wonderful mounted onto red or pink paper or in between glass in a floating frame.

I’m sold – how do I order!

Simply add to basket and checkout. You’ll get an email with all the PDFs links for you to get cracking straight away.

Don’t forget to tag me on your creations on instagram – I love seeing your creations!

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