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Wash Your Hands Ya Dirty Beast Template PDF


Spend an enjoyable hour or so creating this gorgeous WASH YOUR HANDS YA DIRTY BEAST papercut template which I designed during early lockdown (April 2020) using gorgeously flowing brush lettering that even has little highlights to cut out and bubbles to arrange around the artwork. Read below for tips on how to papercut.

Wash Your Hands Ya Dirty Beast template – what is included:

  • x1 practice sheet A4 PDF
  • x1 A4 Wash Your Hands Ya Dirty Beast papercut template (flipped mirror image so you don’t need to worry about the grey edges!)

What do I need to for my Wash Your Hands Ya Dirty Beast template?

  • Access to a printer
  • A scalpel – I use two, a swivel scalpel and a fixed blade, but it is trial and error. Please get in touch for any advice.
  • An A4 cutting mat (or A3, that will still work!)
  • An hour or so of peace and quiet.

What tools do I need? What paper is best to use?

I’ve written a blog post about what tools to use here and here – and I’ve also got a post about choosing the right weight of paper here. I like to use a Swann-Moreton 3 handle and a 10A blade and a Fiskars swivel scalpel for curves and a fixed blade for straight lines. I advise using a scalpel or craft knife that you are familiar with and feels comfortable in your hand. For the paper you can use anything you like, but my recommendation is a weight of around 100gram – 135gsm, any more that this and you will likely end up with aching fingers as you cut.

How do I cut the Wash Your Hands Ya Dirty Beast template?

Start by cutting out the inside of all the bubbles followed by the outer edge of all the bubbles and put them to one side (you’ll need them when you frame it) Then with a fixed blade scalpel cut all the small highlights on the inside of all the wording. When all the highlights have been cut out, cut the top of the word ‘Wash’ and cut across to the edge of each side of the page from the ‘h’ to the ‘W’ and remove the whole top piece. Next, cut the inside of loop on the ‘h’, the hole in the ‘a’ and work your way down cutting the negative shapes between the letters. When you get to the words ‘hands’, cut a section of the left edge and the right edge. You can now continue cutting the middle negative shapes all the way down to the word ‘Beast’ and you’re home and dry!

How can I display my Wash Your Hands Ya Dirty Beast papercut?

The finished size including the bubbles is roughly 175mm x 230 mm so bear that in mind when you’re looking for frames. Floating frames look wonderful – and it means you can sign the papercut on the back or write a little note. If you can’t find a floating frame then mount the papercut on a lovely blue or aqua for a great bathroom/water aesthetic. Use 3M SprayMount spray glue (use sparingly!) on the back of the papercut and position the bubbles around the edge, making sure that ALL the bubble highlights are facing the same way.

I’m sold, how do I order?

Just click add to basket and go through the checkout. An email will be in your inbox immediately with links to download the PDFs so you can print them off and get cutting straight away.

What if I go wrong?

Oh babes, its a bit of paper, just throw it away, print a new one off and start again! you can do it!

When you’ve finished I would love to see your amazing work so remember to tag me over on Instagram @kyleighspapercuts so I can give you a little cheer!

Design, artwork and images © Kyleigh Orlebar/Kyleigh’s Papercuts. Copyright/usage limitations. This template is strictly for personal, hobby use only. Not for resale (in its template form or once cut). It must NOT be copied, altered, reproduced, sold on or cut and sold under any circumstances.

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